website design:
Your website is not only an integral ingredient for public image but it also functions as a powerful business tool. A website provides a centralized location for information dissemination to customers, employees, and management. Luminee designs advanced websites that emphasize speed, appearance, and functionality.
This "server-side programming" is the technology that allows a website to access your database. It can be thought of as the "glue" that brings your website and databases together. Server-side programming also enables advanced features like discussion boards, password protection, ecommerce, online catalogs, and customized solutions.
network servers:
Your website is only as fast and reliable as the machines that host it. Luminee is fully qualified to install the required hardware for a dedicated or co-located server. We also offer professional installation of lan based servers, dsl sharing, and application servers.
technology consulting:
Luminee works daily with several technologies, exploring possible uses. Our up to date knowledge and experience can help expediate your situation and/or create great new working opportunities. Luminee advises clients on the who, what, when, where, and why of technology.
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